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Vintage 1960's That Librarian Fancies Acid Dress

$70.00 USD

❁ You know that librarian... the one that definitely fancies ye olde LSD? This is the dress she left behind. Unreal 1960's dress featuring ultra-groovy psychedelic print throughout in baby-blue, caramel, tan, and cream hues. Round neckline. Button-front detail on skirt portion. Ultra soft and comfy. Absolutely perfect, such a dream! 


Best fits: M
Shoulder to shoulder: 14.5"
Condition: Excellent
Bust: 17" (34" all around)
Tag reads: Frederick Altmann, Austrian-Made Underarm to cuff: 14.5"
Material: 70% wool, 30% wool spun rayon
Waist: 16.5" (33" all around)
Length: 39.5"

For reference - Model is 5'7.