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Jagger Velvet Jumpsuit

$140.00 USD

Our Jagger Velvet Jumpsuit is inspired by the one and only extra-foxy Bianca & Mick Jagger... It features a deep and wide v-neckline, criss-cross tie back, slits on bells (which is optional -- choose if you'd like a slit or no slit), and a relaxed baby bell bottom flare which is a less dramatic bell-width compared to our best-selling regular bells, and more of a subtle barely-there flare for that groovy authentic 60's look. Jet-black base, perfect for pairing with everything! Made with a butter-soft stretch velvet. Lovingly handmade in California. ❁


Size XS: Bust: 32" -- Waist: 24" - 25"
Size S: Bust: 34" -- Waist: 26" - 27"
Size M: Bust: 36" -- Waist: 28" - 29"
Size L: Bust: 38" -- Waist: 30" - 31"
Size XL: Bust: 40" -- Waist: 32" - 33"

❁ For reference - Model is 5'7 and wears Size S in 32" inseam length, with a slit on bell.


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