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Size Guide

All of our pieces include detailed measurements directly in the product description, however, here are the general measurements correspondent to our sizes. If you’re totally unsure of your measurements, we can help! All you need is a measuring tape. For best results, please use a loose-tape measure -- these are usually made of fabric or thin plastic material, not metal. If you have a specific sizing question or would like more information, please contact us! We also offer custom-tailoring on any of our handmade, Miracle Eye Label, pieces!

❁ We are happy to custom-size an item for you! If you are interested in having an item custom-made to your exact measurements (no size is too large or too small), please contact us for more information.

BUST: Comfortably wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust.

WAIST: Find the narrowest part of your midsection and measure this area. Your waist is usually an 1.5" - 2" above your belly button.

HIPS: Your hips are usually right over your lovely butt. Measure the fullest part of the hip area.

Size XS: Bust: 32" --- Waist: 24" - 25" --- Hips: 34" - 35"
Size S: Bust: 34" --- Waist: 26" - 27" --- Hips: 36" - 37"
Size M: Bust: 36" --- Waist: 28" - 29" --- Hips: 38" - 39"
Size L: Bust: 38" --- Waist: 30" - 31" ---- Hips: 40" - 41"
Size XL: Bust: 40" --- Waist: 32" - 33" --- Hips: 42" - 43"