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Custom Tailoring Addition

$18.00 USD

❁ As all of Our Handmade Label items are lovingly handmade to order, we're happy to custom-tailor any of them to your measurements! We understand that all bodies are different, and sometimes our standard sizing may not work for everyone. ❁

Please add this addition to your cart along with the Miracle Eye Label piece(s) you're ordering. A single Custom-Tailoring Addition = one single custom-tailored item. Please add the Addition to your cart accordingly if ordering more than one item.

Please choose the appropriate SIZE option when adding the Addition to your cart.

Option 1: Measurements are within our Size Guide bracket (XS-XL).

Option 2: Measurements are outside of our default Size Guide bracket (Plus Size). 

Once your order has been processed, please reply to your Order Confirmation email with the following measurements in inches:




DESIRED INSEAM LENGTH (for pants + jumpsuits - measured from the crotch down to the ankle or wherever you'd like the pant to end):

NATURAL FRONT RISE (for jumpsuits - measured from the top of the of the shoulder, over the bust, down to the crotch):

NATURAL BACK RISE (for jumpsuits - measured from the top of the shoulder, over the butt, down to the crotch):

DESIRED LENGTH (for dresses):


❁ Please note, all custom orders are non-returnable due to the fact that they are, well, CUSTOM! Meaning unique just for you - therefore we're unable to re-sell them.